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To you dear reader, "Keep trying, don’t give up. Sometimes you’re successful, sometimes you’re not, sometimes you just don’t know when you are successful. Your efforts are worth it, because it’s better than never trying at all."
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Banner image I set up for Vegas PG Cosplay for her contest. Didn’t win. Oh well. 

I’ve got a super weakness for Power Girl. And cosplay. o_o

Want to help me come up with some researcher names for a long list of deceased personnel? See my last post for details!

Jessica Nigri did Blastoise now and she of course does her cosplay thing here.

Charizard card Jessica here.

Hey You!

We are making a list of deceased personnel to be read off during Foundation After Midnight Radio Episode 03, “The End Is Night!” It’s going to be a very long list since everything is hitting the fan in our current story line! We need your help, so if you want to contribute, comment your own made up personnel names for us to include in the episode!

Notes before you post names:

  • Please either suggest your own character(s)’s name or make up totally new names for us to have! (So no suggesting well known character names unless you are their creator!)
  • The Foundation is looking to fix the world after all of this, so there is a very good chance that the people listed won’t stay dead. This will count any characters out from coming back in future episodes! (You all know death is hardly enough to keep a good researcher down!)
  • List as many as you want! We need a very long list here!
  • No obvious joke names! Dr. Poopbutt gets old fast. Try to at least make them sound real!
  • Can be Doctors, Researchers, Interns, Security Personnel, etc!
  • If we use your names we will include you in the description credits for the episode!

Deadline for this is Friday! (4/18/2014) Don’t wait! We’re looking to record and post this episode after this weekend, so the sooner the better! Thanks for your help with this!

Warframe doodle of my Brother’s Warframe because he is all about that game and I’m all, “meh.”

Here is a real quick drawing/doodle of Spiderman doing this spider thing. Lot of spider things related to my drawings lately.

This one is dedicated to my real life friend, normanlegendary because. I don’t need a reason, but if I did, I’d have one. Hard.

Alternate color design for my Veloci-Spider drawing. Blue version here.

Originally was going very orange, then did the blue version, then mixed the two on top of each other and liked how this looked.

Pretty happy with how this came out. As always, I enjoy drawing made up monsters with zero proportions to worry about! :D